When Your Spouse Works Too Much
I live with a man who works a lot.

As the senior web developer for a growing company, my husband Ted is on call 24/7. Even on weekends, vacation days, and date nights, there’s no guarantee he won’t have to address a pressing, must-be-fixed-now issue, let alone an important, should-be-fixed-now issue.

Some days I handle the constant demands of his job beautifully. I’m the picture of a supportive, understanding wife.

Other days, not so much. Even though I’m grateful that Ted has a job and a good one at that, there are days I struggle with the toll it’s slowly taken on our marriage the last few years.

Maybe you can relate. Maybe your spouse works a lot too.

If you too are married to someone who works too much, I’m over at For the Family today sharing three ways I’m learning how to be supportive of my husband’s career without sacrificing our marriage. You can read my post, “When Your Spouse Works Too Much” here.



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