What to Do When Comparison Blinds You to the Beauty of Your Own Story

Do you ever feel like someone else’s life is better than yours?

Sometimes I do.

I often let comparison blind me to the beauty of my own individual story.

In a recent article I wrote for The Courage, I share the story of how two of my daughters auditioned for the same musical and only one was cast. I write:


As I navigated the tricky terrain of simultaneously mourning with one daughter while celebrating with the other, I strove to focus their attention on this concept of life as a story and God as its Author. I encouraged them not to compare their lives with one another, but to instead trust that God’s ultimate plan for each of them was good.

Yet, even though I confidently tell my daughters this on all occasions, there are times when I struggle to believe it for myself.

There are moments when I secretly reflect on my life and internally base its value on how it compares to that of others.Is my story as good as theirs? Is it as interesting? Or as meaningful?


If you can relate, head over to The Courage and read my full article, “When Their Life Seems Better Than Yours.” In it, I share three things I have to be purposeful to tell myself when I battle the tendency and temptation to compare my life with that of others.


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