We'll Always Have Paris ... and Sushi

He grinned at me from across the table. His familiar smile mingled with a mix of amusement and pride. Yep, he’d changed me … and he knew it.

How exactly had this man I pledged my life, love, and faithfulness to altered me?

Well, you may laugh, but here goes. He managed to turn this “I will never, ever, ever eat raw fish” girl he married into a sushi-craving, rainbow-roll loving woman. Sure, it took him almost a decade to transform my fish-eating ways, but he was patient.

And this grin of his came as he watched me savor every single bite of the not one, but two, rolls I ordered.

In the last thirteen years of marriage, my fish-eating preferences aren’t the only area I’ve seen marriage work unexpected change in me. I could make you a list, but since I only have 600 words, I’ll spare you the line items.

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