Fraser Makes a Difference

After a lifetime of artificial Christmas trees, last week I woke up one morning determined to buy a real Fraser Fir this year. I figured that after 36 years, it was time to experience what it felt like to drive down the road with an evergreen tied to the top of the minivan.

So this weekend, we packed up our kids and went Christmas tree shopping.


And it was just as magical as I’d hoped. Although, a little overwhelming too. I didn’t realize how hard it is to pick just the right tree. But we did … and we drove it home. Squeal!


We ended up with this monstrous beauty. It stands a little over 9 feet tall.


While I anticipated that this may be the first of many years of Fraser Fir buying, what I didn’t expect was that purchasing a real tree would also change another long-standing tradition at our house.

That would be Ted’s non-involvement in the tree trimming process.

You see, each year in December, there are moments when I feel like Ted is a regular Grinch compared to my Buddy the Elf. Christmas tree set up and decorating is one of these moments when Ted prefers life on snowy Mount Crumpit to citizenship in Whooville.

Yep, without fail, for the past eleven years, Ted consistently pulled a Harry Houdini at what’s traditionally a group activity. Each time, mysteriously escaping all involvement. While I was busy stringing lights, hanging ornaments, and creating holiday memories, he was holed up in a milk can somewhere, strategically avoiding all evergreen contact. You’d think he had a synthetic pine needle allergy.

But this year, that changed … (albeit unintentionally) … by simply tweaking our Christmas tree tradition.

I’m happy to say that Ted not only went Christmas tree shopping, but he also helped set it up. And I dare say, enjoyed both aspects. Which leaves me wondering what other traditions we can approach differently this year too.

What about you? Are there any holiday traditions you’re having a hard time getting your spouse or your kids to buy into? If so, maybe it’s time to, like us, put a new spin on that tradition. You might just be surprised at what happens.



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