What a Friendship Inventory Is and Why Your Marriage Needs One

Today, we’re talking about how the friends we keep make a difference in our marriages. It’s not only important that as couples we have community, but also that we’re purposeful in whom we bring into our confidence.

So, we’re going to share what we call a “friendship inventory” you can do to make sure you’re confiding in the right people. It’s also a helpful tool to determine whether you’re being this kind of friend to others.

Plus, if you’re struggling to even have the right people in your life, we’ll share some ways you can seek out these kinds of friendships.

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Friendship Inventory Questions

  1. Does this friend esteem marriage?
  2. Does this friend view the opposite sex with respect?
  3. Does this friend build up my marriage and not just me?

Ways to Develop Godly Friendships

  1. Join a church that values marriage
  2. Get involved in that church
  3. Become members of a small group

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Take the friendship inventory to see how you’re doing at being a friend who esteems marriage, respects the opposite sex, and builds up your friends’ marriages. Think about ways you can do better.

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