How You and Your Spouse Can Better Parent as a Team

We’ll tell you that having kids is well worth the effort. There’s nothing like it. We’ve found that God uses parenting to refine and change us in a way other things can’t. That said, parenting has been one of our most challenging team efforts yet.

Sometimes the different upbringings and different personalities we’ve brought to our marriage complicate rather than contribute to and enrich our parenting. We’ve had to work hard not to allow these areas of difference to divide us.

While we’re definitely not parenting experts, we’ve learned a few things along the way about how to parent together. So, listen in as we share three things you can do to better parent as a team.

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3 Ways to Better Parent as a Team

  1. Appreciate each other’s perspectives
  2. Learn from each other’s approaches
  3. Actively support one another’s parenting choices

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

We know that we don’t want to use our words to tear each other down. The thing is, we can actually speak words of life. Think of some specific ways you can encourage your spouse as a parent, and build them up in the eyes of your children.

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