What You Can Do to Brave Sorrow Together in Your Marriage

Sometimes we sit back and wonder how we made it through our weeping years. But here we are, still married, still friends, and still liking each other. It wasn’t easy to remain united when miscarriage, multiple job losses, debt, and a house that wouldn’t sell desperately fought to pull us apart. While an attitude of “us vs. the problem” helped, we realized we couldn’t stop with the idea of us against the world. We needed more.

Today, we’re talking about how to walk together through the really hard situations, seasons, and losses that we experience as couples. We’re looking at what we can do to remain a strong team during them. So, listen in as we share three practical things you can do to better brave sorrow together in your marriage.

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4 Ways to Brave Sorrow Together

  1. Refuse to play the blame game
  2. Face defeat together
  3. Allow freedom to grief differently from each other
  4. Point each other back to God’s character

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Make a list of the ways God has been faithful to you as a couple. Tape it to your fridge or bathroom mirror as a reminder of His goodness even in difficulty.

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