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For us, laughter and a sense of levity or lightheartedness has carried us through the years. Laughter has been, as Proverbs 17:22 says, “good medicine” for us. But laughter isn’t something that comes easily for all couples.

While we’re not experts on why other couples struggle to laugh together, we do know one of the reasons we can. It’s because we make intentional efforts to live out our marriage with unburdened hearts.

An unburdened heart is a lighthearted heart. Why? Because it’s one that’s not weighed down by grudges. It’s challenging to feel lighthearted and at ease in a marriage, if we’re keeping tallies on each other. If you want a lighthearted marriage, too, listen in as we share three guiding principles that we’ve found helpful.

3 Ways to Have a Lighthearted Marriage

  1. Practice the 49 percent/51 percent policy
  2. Serve with no strings attached
  3. Have a common enemy

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Actively look for an opportunity this week to give in on something small with your spouse. Put into practice our 49 percent/51 percent policy and see what happens.

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