How Your Individual Differences Can Help You Grow Together

After we got married, we were surprised by how differently we celebrated holidays and birthdays. One of us loved to go big, while the other preferred to treat them like any other day. But, as we’ve slowly learned over the years, differences like that don’t have to divide us. When we approach them with the right attitude, they can unite us.

As a couple, our differences can serve as a great reminder that we need teamwork. We need unity, cooperation, and commitment. And, as we band together for the common good of our relationship, instead of focusing on the places where we feel disappointed or our likes rejected, it becomes easier for us to appreciate, and not despise, the other’s uniqueness.

What are some practical ways you can do this in your marriage? Listen in as we share three things we do so that our differences help us grow together and not apart.

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3 Ways to Grow Together and Not Apart

  1. Build on common interests
  2. Don’t force change
  3. Learn to stretch by trying new things

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Go on a date. You can either pick your favorite common interest that you share, or one of you can decide to try something the other enjoys. Plan this week’s date around it.

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