5 Ways to Stop Your Differences from Dividing You as a Couple

Have you ever looked at your spouse and asked, “What do we have in common?” Maybe there have been times when you’ve even felt like you have more differences than similarities.

In marriage, there’s always the potential for our differences to eat away at our unity—especially if that’s what we focus on. Today, we’re sharing five practical ways you and your spouse can stop your differences from dividing you.

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How to Stop Your Differences from Dividing You

  1. Understand that you are innately different
  2. Don’t despise each other’s differences
  3. Learn to appreciate and respect each other’s differences
  4. Have shared interests that unite you
  5. Spend time together

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Identify one difference that’s been dividing you and your spouse lately. Take some time to think about what you can appreciate and respect about that difference. Then, tell your spouse—and be sure to keep it all positive!

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