Why Your Spouse Comes Before Your Kids

Parenting can be wonderful, but it is also demanding and exhausting. We have four kids—we get it! It can be easy to put our spouse and marriage on the back burner. But today, we’re encouraging you not to do that!

Listen in as we share three practical reasons why your marriage relationship needs to take the highest priority after your relationship with God. (And know, this is a conversation full of grace for whatever parenting season you are in!)

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3 Reasons Marriage Comes Before Parenting

  1. Your marriage is a life-long, interdependent commitment
  2. Your spouse and your marriage aren’t static
  3. Your kids need you to put your spouse first

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Spend time together! If your schedule and current parenting stage don’t easily allow for a date, find time together at home. Sit on the couch or back porch and talk. Take a walk, or have a fun conversation while you drive. The point is not to put your relationship on the backburner!

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