How to Vacation-Proof Your Marriage

Have you and your spouse ever been on a getaway together or a family vacation and it didn’t go so well? We can relate! Today we share a few of our stories, list some reasons you might be experiencing conflict away from home, and give you five marriage survival tips to help you vacation-proof your marriage.

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5 Possible Reasons Couples Have Vacation Conflict

  1. We’re out of our normal routine.
  2. We’re “living” in small spaces.
  3. We have different vacation styles.
  4. We’re sleep deprived.
  5. We’re navigating challenges with kids.

5 Must-Pack Marriage-Survival Tools for Vacation

  1. Accurately assess your situation and realize sometimes it will bring out your worst.
  2. Remember that you’ll be home soon and back to those regular, comfortable habits.
  3. Fake it until you make it. You know you love your spouse; you just don’t feel like it.
  4. Have a common enemy.
  5. Laugh about it together and don’t wait until it’s all over.

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

This week, look back at a previous vacation that maybe didn’t go so well. Talk and laugh about what you could have done differently. Focus on your own behavior and attitudes, not your spouse’s.

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