How to Have a Date-Night Conversation That’s Not About Work, Bills, Schedules, or Kids

What if every time you go out on a date with your spouse, all you talk about is work, bills, schedules, and — if you have them — kids? As vitally important as those things are to discuss, we chat about how you can have a date-night conversation that’s NOT about work, bills, schedules, or kids. Listen in as we share four steps you can put into practice.

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4 Steps to Date-Night Conversations That Deepen Your Connection

  1. Set a timer.
  2. Pick out conversation starters in advance.
  3. Choose questions wisely.
  4. Listen well and be curious.

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Go on a date night and practice these steps. Make sure you and your spouse each pick out a conversation starter or two that you want to ask the other.

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