How to Rescue a Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong

Have you ever had a Valentine’s Day go wrong? We have! During our first year as a married couple, we ended up fighting over what we now realize was just a big misunderstanding. We learned that how we respond to each other’s words and actions on Valentine’s Day and any day makes a difference in our relationship.

Listen in as we share how that first Valentine’s Day went wrong and what we wish we’d known then that we know now. We also share three practical things you can do to rescue a day gone bad.

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3 Ways to Rescue a Day Gone Wrong

  1. Check expectations
  2. Believe the best
  3. Extend grace

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Use this week’s challenge to help you avoid even having a Valentine’s Day gone wrong. Take some time to sit down and share expectations for the day. Come up with a plan on how to celebrate that you are both happy with.

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