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Have you ever watched curling matches during the Winter Olympics? We have!

One year, we found ourselves hooked on this sport that’s nicknamed “chess on ice!” And, as we observed the strategy, intentionality, and sweeping that curling requires, we couldn’t help but compare it to marriage!

Every team, whether it’s in curling or in marriage, does better with a game plan. Yet, it’s the sweeping—or grace—that helps us as couples bring home the gold. Grace is to marriage what sweepers are to curling.

So, if you’re not sure what sweeping even is, listen in as we explain the basics of curling. We also chat about anime volleyball and give you practical ways you can create a game plan for your marriage.

5 Game Plan Strategies for Your Team Us

  1. Literally get on the same page
  2. Have a shared understanding of grace
  3. Believe the best about each other
  4. Play to each other’s strengths
  5. Celebrate the victories, not the defeats

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Like we did, schedule a time and place to literally get on the same page. Grab paper and pens and go to a park, a coffee shop, or sit down together at your dining room table. Spend some time writing down qualities you’d like to see better characterize your marriage. Talk about specific ways you can work toward each ideal.

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