How to Navigate Stressful Decisions Together

We’ve made a lot of stressful decisions together over the years. Some have related to job loss, challenges with our kids, financial pressures, and, most recently, our cross-country move. It would be easy for these decisions to pull us apart and turn us against each other instead of drawing us closer. That’s why we are always determined in advance to stay united.

Perhaps you and your spouse are currently facing your own stressful decisions. Join us as we share three team-building strategies you can practice when faced with difficult choices. They’ll help you navigate stressful decisions together as a team!

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3 Ways to Navigate Stressful Decisions Together

  1. Remember that it’s “us,” not “you and me.”
  2. Rather than focus on the stress, dream about the possibilities.
  3. Try to come to full agreement before making a big decision.

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Pick a stressful decision you have to make and spend some time dreaming about the possibilities. Maybe even make a list of what good may come out of what you’re facing.

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