Why Church Can Be Good for Your Marriage

If you ask us why church is good for our marriage, Ted will most likely quip, “I met my wife at church. That was good for my marriage.” Wit aside, though, we take being an active member of our local church seriously. In the two decades since we first met, we’ve been purposeful as a couple in making regular church attendance and active participation a consistent part of our lives, and it’s benefited our relationship in many ways.

We believe church can be good for your marriage too. Listen in as we start by sharing why going to church matters. We’ll then give you five reasons church attendance and involvement can help you and your spouse grow closer.

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5 Reasons Church Can Be Good for Your Marriage

  1. It provides shared experiences.
  2. It sparks conversation.
  3. It provides opportunities to serve together.
  4. It offers support and accountability.
  5. It fosters spiritual unity.

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

This week, go to church together — whether it’s mid-week, small group, or Sunday morning — and notice specific ways it brings you closer together.

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