How to Work Together to Resolve Disagreements

What do conflict, birthdays, Nehemiah, and buried issues have in common? We talk about them all in this episode! As we’ve said before, conflict in marriage is inevitable. And for us, disagreements have never been about whether or not we’ll have them, but how we deal with them when we do.

Listen in as we talk about practical ways to work together as a team to resolve disagreements. We’ll share how you can learn to face conflict as allies, agree not to bury issues, and commit to responding rather than reacting.

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3 Ways to Work Together to Resolve Disagreements

  1. Face discouragements as allies.
  2. Agree not to bury issues.
  3. Commit to respond, not react.

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Do a team-building activity together that has the potential to be frustrating at times. Maybe it’s an escape room or paddling a rowboat. Come up with something creative, fun, and relationship-strengthening!

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