Why Love Isn’t Enough to Keep You Together

Many couples believe that the intense romantic love that brings them together will keep them together long-term. And, while it’s true that these in-love emotions are exhilarating and worth savoring, you need more than feelings for your marriage to go the distance. It has to be based on more.

Listen in as we talk about marital culture shock and how obligation isn’t a dirty word. We share how it’s a true-to-our-promise commitment that serves as the best foundation for a healthy marriage and give you three things to remember when you don’t feel “in love.”

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The 4 Stages of Marital Culture Shock

  1. The Honeymoon Stage
  2. The Frustration Stage
  3. The Adjustment Stage
  4. The Acceptance Stage
  5. 3 Things to Remember When You Don’t “Feel” In-Love

    1. You won’t break if you bend.
    2. Compatible couples have conflict.
    3. Bad habits take time to break.

    Take the “Us Time” Challenge

    Figure out an area you can bend in this week. Don’t share it with your spouse. Instead, put it into practice and see if your spouse notices.

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