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We often look at each other and say, “We’re so glad we have a boring marriage.” You might think that sounds crazy—and maybe it does! After all, boring isn’t the adjective most of us want to describe our marriages. But we’re not talking about boring as many of us narrowly define the term: dull, uninteresting, tiresome. We’re putting a new spin on the word!

Listen in as we share three things that characterize a boring marriage. You’ll also hear some practical ways you can have one. By the time we’re done, we hope you’ll see why boring marriages are underrated!

3 Characteristics of a Boring Marriage

  1. It’s a drama-free zone
  2. Commitment outweighs personal fulfillment
  3. No power-couple status required

3 Ways to Have a Boring Marriage

  1. Pick your “yeses” wisely
  2. Pick your comparisons wisely
  3. Pick your friends and advisors wisely

Us Time Challenge

Listen to Ben Rector’s song, “Crazy.” Plan an afternoon or evening together based on one of the “crazy” marriage moments he sings about.

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