Why Date Night Matters and How to Make It Happen

We’ve gone on many fun dates in our twenty years of marriage! Listen in as we do a not-so-rapid-fire Q&A round sharing highlights from our top dates over the years. You’ll hear about our unplanned convertible ride through the desert, the time we flew kites in the park, our dinner date that included a lot of fake blood, and our evening in a castle.

Even though we’ve made it a priority over the years to date each other, we know that in certain seasons of life it can be challenging to make date night a reality. Sometimes as couples, we can even wonder, “What’s the point? We’re already married!” But date night isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity! Hear why we believe date night matters and learn creative and practical ways to make it a consistent reality in your marriage.

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4 Practical Ways to Make Date Night a Reality

  1. Determine together that date night is a necessity
  2. Be flexible on the when and how long of date night
  3. Adjust expectations to fit your current season of life
  4. Schedule weeknight dates to break up monotony

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Plan a date for this week! Put it on the calendar and make it happen. If you’re not sure what to do or where to go, plan your date based on one of these categories we shared: