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It’s taken us over a year to bring you season two of the Team Us podcast. But we’re finally back behind the mics, and we have a lot of good reasons why it’s taken us so long. Listen in as we share about our cross-country move, road-trip stops, house-building woes, and our impromptu lunch with Russians.

We’re not just reconnecting with you, though. We’re also sharing practical ways you can reconnect with your spouse. The busyness of life often leaves us as couples feeling disconnected or like we’re growing apart. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Learn four ways you can reconnect when life pulls you apart.

4 Practical Steps to Help You Reconnect

  1. Check in
  2. Course correct
  3. Date each other
  4. Go back to the beginning

Us Time Challenge

Go back to the beginning this week. Rediscover something you enjoyed doing together when you first got married, and make time for it.

Links Mentioned in This Episode

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  2. Better Decisions message by Chad Moore at Sun Valley Community Church

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