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As a couple, we’ve had a lot of firsts! From the first time we met over 19 years ago to our first kind-of date to the first time we held hands. So, on this very first episode of the Team Us podcast, we share some of those firsts with you.

Yet we don’t stop there! We also talk about the very first human team—Adam and Eve.

They’re a duo we consider history’s most infamous couple. Because, as we all know, they really messed up. But here’s where our conversation might be different from a lot of what you usually hear about Adam and Eve. Our primary focus isn’t on how they messed up.

Listen in as we talk about them pre-fall and lay a foundation for what makes a good team. You’ll discover three “team us” qualities that characterized Adam and Eve’s marriage that you can practice too!

3 Qualities Every Team Us Needs

  1. Unity
  2. Cooperation
  3. Commitment

Take the “Us Time” Challenge

Set aside some time as a couple to enjoy a few episodes of The Amazing Race on your streaming service. Think about and discuss the following:

  • Which teams are most successful?
  • What qualities set them apart?
  • Which teams do you find yourself cheering on the most? Why?
  • How can you become more like the teams you admire?

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