Speaking Topics



How to Have a Lighthearted Marriage — Based on ideas from Team Us: Marriage Together, I talk about cultivating a marriage that isn’t weighed down by grudges. I share practicals ways couples can do this in their marriage on a daily basis.

Goodbye Me, Hello Us: Why Every Marriage Needs Patience and Persistence — Based on ideas from Team Us: Marriage Together, I share practical ways couples can patiently work toward “us,” as they persistently say goodbye to habits that don’t benefit their union.

How to Make Your Marriage a Priority When You Have Kids — Should your marriage relationship take priority over your relationship with your kids? Yes! I share three reasons why, as well as some practical ways couples can live this out on a daily basis. This is based on my articles “I’m 49% Mother and 51% Wife — And It Has to Be That Way” and “How to Make Your Marriage a Priority When You Have Small Children,” with additional action points added.

How to Be a Team-First Fighter — Conflict in marriage is inevitable. It’s not about whether couples will fight in marriage, but about how and when they fight. This talk offers practical ways couples can learn to work through conflict in ways and times that serve to unite them. It is based on ideas from Team Us: Marriage Together.

Live Interview on Team Us: Marriage Together — My husband Ted and I are available for live interviews at your church on the book. Here’s an example of one we’ve done.


Two Tools Every Writer Needs — I share my personal journey as a writer and how a balanced measure of patience and persistence has played a part in specific areas of my writing.


To inquire about my availability, please use my contact page here. Please include the date of your event, approximately how many people will be attending, and your location.