Hope for the Hero in Your Spouse

What do Darth Vader and Saul-turned-Paul have to do with your marriage and your spouse?

How to Navigate Stressful Decisions Together {Episode 18}

Perhaps you and your spouse are currently facing your own stressful decisions. Join us as we share three team-building strategies you can practice when faced with difficult choices.
5 Reasons Church Is Good for Your Marriage

5 Reasons You and Your Spouse Need Church

Why is church good for my marriage and yours? Here are five reasons you and your spouse should regularly attend together.

Why Church Can Be Good for Your Marriage {Episode 17}

Hear why we believe going to church matters and learn how getting involved can help you and your spouse grow closer.
When Conflict in Marriage Feels Hopeless

When Conflict in Marriage Feels Hopeless

Conflict in marriage doesn't need to feel hopeless. Here are ways you can work through it together and come out stronger.

How to Work Together to Resolve Disagreements {Episode 16}

We share how you can learn to face conflict as allies, agree not to bury issues, and commit to responding rather than reacting.
How to Serve Your Spouse a Communication Sandwich

How to Serve Your Spouse a Communication Sandwich

A communication sandwich allows you to share what you'd like to see changed in a way that doesn't put your spouse on the defensive. Here's how you can use it.

How to Better Communicate as a Team {Episode 15}

Listen in as we share some tools, tips, and techniques that have helped us better communicate as a team.

How to Recover from a Communication Miss

Our words can be misheard, misinterpreted, and misunderstood. Here are three practical ways you to recover from a communication miss in your marriage.

Why Love Isn’t Enough to Keep You Together {Episode 14}

Here are three things to remember when you don’t feel “in love.”

Your Marriage Needs More Than Love

If you want your marriage to go the distance, it requires a lot more than being in love.

Why a Boring Marriage Can Be a Good Marriage {Episode 13}

Listen in as we share three things that characterize a boring marriage. You’ll also hear some practical ways you can have one.

What a Boring Marriage Is and Why You Should Want One

Boring marriages are highly underrated. Here are three reasons a boring marriage can be a good thing.

Why Date Night Matters and How to Make It Happen [Episode...

CLICK HERE to listen to Episode 12 of the Team Us Podcast. We've gone on many fun dates in our twenty years of marriage! Listen...
Four Reasons to Love Weeknight Dates

Four Reasons to Love Weeknight Dates

Not only are weeknight dates best for our calendar, I've come to prefer them. Here are four reasons why.
The Secret to a Strong Marriage

The Secret to a Strong Marriage

When it comes to keeping your marriage strong, winning is more about your follow through than your strength going in.

How to Reconnect When Life Pulls You Apart [Episode 11]

The busyness of life often leaves us as couples feeling disconnected or like we're growing apart. But it doesn't have to be this way! Learn four ways you can reconnect when life pulls you apart.
How a Shared Activity Helps Your Marriage

How a Shared Activity Helps Your Marriage

If you want to feel more connected on a daily basis in your marriage, make shared activities a priority. Here are some tips on how to do that.

What Not to Say to Someone Grieving a Miscarriage

Maybe you have a friend who’s recently lost a preborn baby. If so, what are some other types of statements to avoid? Here are...
brave marriage

Brave Your Marriage … Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

When your feelings direct you away from your spouse, determine to brave marriage ... even if you don't feel like it.