batsWhen things go “bump” in the night at our house, I sometimes wonder if it’s my 8-year-old practicing her echolocation skills. You know, just in case she finds herself in a dark cave someday without a flashlight.

Okay, so maybe I should use the word “practicing” loosely. She doesn’t actually know how to navigate her surroundings by sound waves, but if she were a super hero, I have no doubt “biological sonar skill” would be her superpower of choice. I haven’t had the heart to tell her that Batgirl already exists.

Yep, bats are a big deal at our house.

In fact, things got a bit batty here for a while. There were bat Legos, a bat costume for Halloween, and I even found myself sewing bat stuffed animals, and with four daughters, I never saw that one coming.

This fall, after checking out every bat-related book from our local library, my daughter created her own independent study. I found her, long after formal school hours were over, carefully copying “bat facts” into a notebook and lovingly sketching pictures of the different species. Later, as she shared with me her findings, I couldn’t help but marvel at how masterfully bats are designed.

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