The “Dad Bod.” By now, I’m sure you’ve heard this term.

If not, it’s attributed to college sophomore Mackenzie Pearson whose article “Why Girls Love the Dad Bod” went viral back in April, generating discussion everywhere from the Washington Post to NPR to Time.

For those of you who somehow escaped reading any of these articles, what exactly is the dad bod?

While Pearson describes it as “a nice balance between a beer gut and working out,” I prefer the Skimm’s humorous take on it. They point to it as “a Leo-inspired look that says ‘I was an athlete in high school, probably didn’t keep it up in college, and now here I am.’ Comes with pizza, beer, and criticism.”

Yep, this idea of the dad bod comes with criticism galore. Places like Time even called it a “sexist atrocity.” And perhaps it is. But I’m not here to dissect or attack the dad bod craze. Love it. Hate it. Think of it what you will.

Instead, like many others, this new and rather odd – if you ask me – craze, got me thinking about the mom bod. This week, I’m sharing these thoughts over at in my latest article, “2 Powerful Declarations for All the Moms with ‘Mom Bods.'”

So head over to, read my thoughts, and decide today to join me in declaring that you, Mom, are wonderfully and fearfully made.




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