How to Stop Competition from Fueling Your Parenting

My two oldest daughters were recently bitten by a bug.

“What bug?” you ask.

Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about spiders, tics, or even mosquitoes. I’m referring to the musical theater “bug.” At our house, a decision to enroll them in voice lessons two years ago has quickly evolved into regular on-stage performances.

The “hurry up and wait” of being a theater mom (not to be confused with the negatively-laced label “stage mom”) brings with it plenty of opportunities to talk with other moms and dads. And do you know what I’ve found?

Talking with other parents can be a breeding ground for one-upmanship.

As I listen to others proudly list their child’s “work history,” dance class load, and how they have agents on both coasts, I sometimes feel this sudden pressure and urgency for my girls to keep up. Am I giving them enough opportunity? Enough training? What else should I be doing?

It’s in these moments, though, that I have to step back and remind myself of an important truth. It’s a truth I’m talking about in my article this month over at For the Family. You can read “How to Stop Competition from Fueling Your Parenting” here.



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