God and Pregnancy Disappointments

When it comes to having kids, have you faced any disappointments? We have.

Every day we walk past a picture in our house that reminds us that Jesus was the first to embrace one of our babies, not us. Nope, bringing life into this world hasn’t been as simple as I once thought it would be.

Perhaps it hasn’t been for you either. Maybe you’re in a place of struggling to understand God’s plan when it comes to having children. Whether it’s a much-​​desired pregnancy that isn’t happening, an adoption whose process is slogged down by bureaucratic red tape, or the death of a child.

Today I’m over at Faithlife Women talking about “God and Pregnancy Disappointments.” I don’t offer any easy answers. There aren’t any. But I do share the truth that sustained me through our miscarriage five years ago and still carries me through difficulties today.

You can read the post here. I hope that wherever you are in your journey, that this article will encourage you to cling tightly to God even in disappointment.



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