When it comes to Father’s Day, do you find yourself devoting all of your attention to helping your kids celebrate dad? Maybe this means supervising the making of homemade cards, grocery shopping and preparing a bacon-centric breakfast in bed, or coming up with Pinteresting gift ideas.

There’s no question that it’s important for us moms to encourage and assist our children in honoring dad. Especially those of us with little ones who can’t exactly fry up bacon, let alone sign their own name. But did you know it can mean a lot to our husbands when we — as wives — also take the time to commend them in their role as father?

Celebrating your husband doesn’t have to be extravagant. It doesn’t even have to involve bacon (though it probably should). The truth is, a few affirming words can go far. Here are five things to tell your husband this Father’s Day.

1. I appreciate you.

Don’t just encourage your kids to say they appreciate dad. Let your husband know you appreciate him too. That you notice and are thankful for how he fathers. Share with him a specific way you appreciate him. Maybe he helps your son with his homework every night or plays a great Kristoff to your Anna-obsessed daughter. My husband Ted reads to our girls every night and is pulled into the drama of their latest book as much as they are. He models for them how fun and exciting reading can be. And I appreciate that about him.

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