The Expected Case of the Absent Cake

You could say my husband Ted, at times, is a Christian fatalist.

Oh, not the type who eventually goes agnostic, as one writer asserts can happen, but the happy sort. The kind who insists that his Type-A prone bride anticipate something will inevitably go wrong at their wedding … and does it all with a smile and a no-big-deal shrug.

If you think I’m joking, let’s rewind a little over 11 years and pretend you’re a fly on the wall. Here’s what you would have heard.

Ted: “You know something’s bound to go wrong at our wedding, right?”

Me: “Yeah? Like what?”

Ted: “Oh, I don’t know. Like maybe the bakery will forget to make our cake.”

Me: “I doubt that. Do you think that ever really happens?”

Turns out it does.

You see there we were, just a week or so later, with two hours and counting until our nuptials.

Decorations? Check.

Food? Check.

Punch? Check.

Live music? Check.

Cake? Um … anyone know where the cake is?

That’s right, it was MIA. Fortunately, for us, we choose a bakery around the corner and across the street from our church. So Ted hit the pavement in his tux to see what the delay was. You could say he was more than a little shocked to discover the bakery was closed. As in door locked and lights out.

Yeah, not a good sign.

So he did what any other groom on their wedding day might do. Panic? Not exactly. But he did knock and knock and knock. And who should finally appear? That’s right, someone from the back room.

Unfortunately, that someone was not busy putting the finishing touches on our cake. Neither were they boxing it up for delivery. Why? Well, because they’d forgotten to make it.

I kid not.

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