Listen in as we share our thoughts on how you can grow older together and love the couple you become.
Listen in as we talk about what you can do in those moments when your spouse’s personality drives you nuts.
Today we give you five marriage survival tips to help you vacation-proof your marriage.
On this episode of the Team Us podcast, we share four practical steps you can take to have a date-night conversation that’s NOT about work, bills, schedules, or kids.
Join us as we talk with Todd and Brooke Tilghman about practical ways your marriage can go the distance.
Listen in as we talk about communication killers and share three steps you can take when talking to your spouse is a challenge.
Listen in as we share four things you might be doing to hurt your relationship and why we definitely don’t recommend doing them!
Listen in as we share how that first Valentine’s Day went wrong and what we wish we’d known then that we know now. We also share three practical things you can do to rescue a day gone bad.
Today, we’re talking about how you can team up not just for the new year but for every minute, hour, day, week, and month of the year!
Perhaps you and your spouse are currently facing your own stressful decisions. Join us as we share three team-building strategies you can practice when faced with difficult choices.
Hear why we believe going to church matters and learn how getting involved can help you and your spouse grow closer.
We share how you can learn to face conflict as allies, agree not to bury issues, and commit to responding rather than reacting.
Listen in as we share some tools, tips, and techniques that have helped us better communicate as a team.
Listen in as we share three things that characterize a boring marriage. You’ll also hear some practical ways you can have one.
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The busyness of life often leaves us as couples feeling disconnected or like we're growing apart. But it doesn't have to be this way! Learn four ways you can reconnect when life pulls you apart.
Listen in as we share why the choices you make today affect your relationship tomorrow, next year, and even a decade from now.
Today, we’re talking about how the friends we keep make a difference in our marriages. It’s not only important that as couples we have community, but also that we’re purposeful in whom we bring into our confidence.
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