Here are 3 ways you can help your daughter respond well to mean girls.
Here are five things to tell your husband this Father's Day.
Our kids need us to speak life-giving words to them. This story from my husband’s middle school years and its modern-day impact demonstrates why.
Here are three things to help you and your spouse better parent as a team.
As fun as travel can be, it's also sometimes stressful. Here are five marriage survival tips for packing on your next trip.
When it comes to having kids, have you faced any disappointments? We have.
Our kids need greater amounts of praise than correction from us. A communication sandwich helps us accomplish this.
Here are 4 doable strategies for balancing work at home and kids.
Here are a few talking points to help you have meaningful conversations with your kids after seeing 'Captain Marvel.'
LEAP! encourages kids to chase their dreams with passion. But that’s not all it teaches them. Here are three more valuable lessons that stand out to me.
Here are three reasons it's important to laugh together as a family.
Sometimes I secretly reflect on my life and base its value on how it compares to that of others. Do I believe that God is good to me, or only to others?
Do you want to encourage your kids to love the arts? Here are several practical ways we are doing this with our four daughters.
Here are three ways you can help your kids get the most out of media.
I often let comparison blind me to the beauty of my own individual story. Do you?
When we're faced with wickedness, how will we respond? What choice will we make? It's a topic I've been talking about a lot lately with my kids.
How to do you know when it's time to take a mommy time out? Here are some not-so-subtle signals that warn, “System Overload!”
This week, I’m sharing these thoughts over at in my latest article, “2 Powerful Declarations for All the Moms with ‘Mom Bods.'”

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