The baby quilt I finished that week stands as the second most significant one I’ve made in my eight years of sewing.
I received a very unexpected visit from a kidney stone.
Your wedding is the ideal opportunity to not only commit to your new spouse, but to making the changes necessary to help your relationship succeed. And this may require including the Grim Reaper on the guest list.
Do you have a tween who's excited about Star Wars: The Last Jedi? If so, here are three parent-tween conversation starters from the film that are sure to get you talking.
Boring marriages are highly underrated. Here are three reasons a boring marriage can be a good thing.
Here are 4 doable strategies for balancing work at home and kids.
It's Cinderella's kindness that makes Disney's new, live-action telling of this timeless classic a movie I want my four daughters to see.
The good news is that, as much as food speaks love to Ted, I know a more direct — not to mention less labor-intensive — way to his heart.
What did I walk away from "Ferdinand" talking about with my daughter? Here are two takeaways.
Here are 10 reasons my daughter and I loved LUZIA by Cirque du Soleil and why I think you and your family will love it too.
Sometimes marriage can feel too messy for cleanup. But here’s why we shouldn’t give up.
When your feelings direct you away from your spouse, determine to brave marriage ... even if you don't feel like it.
Have you ever had a bad day ... or week ... or month in your marriage? On those days, decide to brave your marriage.
Here are three reasons it's important to laugh together as a family.
If your marriage is weighed down by a record of wrongs or unforgiveness, here’s how you can change that and have a lighthearted marriage.
No one is immune to developing a crush. If you are struggling with a married crush, here are 3 steps to starving it quickly.
This week, I’m sharing these thoughts over at in my latest article, “2 Powerful Declarations for All the Moms with ‘Mom Bods.'”
Maybe prolonged sickness plagues you, or you face a new health struggle. Whatever your present circumstances are, here are two encouragements.
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