With our words, we can bring a kind of death that doesn't kill the body, but disfigures the soul. Or we can choose to speak life.
HGTV'S show "Fixer Upper" offers each of us a weekly reminder of three simple qualities all of our marriages need.
Community keeps us needy and that's a good thing. Here's why.
Today I’m back at The Better Mom with my first “official” contributor post.
What do Darth Vader and Saul-turned-Paul have to do with your marriage and your spouse?
How about the next time you suspect your spouse may be sensing God’s direction, you decide to take a leap of faith and say, “Okay!”
Four ways we walked our young kids through a miscarriage.
In our culture, how do I strive to teach my girls on daily basis that men can be strong too? Here are three practical ways.
The death of old habits is like Inigo Motoya’s infamous hunt for the six-fingered man.
As fun as travel can be, it's also sometimes stressful. Here are five marriage survival tips for packing on your next trip.
If you are currently planning a trip to visit Mickey and friends, here are four attractions I’m confident your kids will love at Disney World.
Read my thoughts on Nichole Nordeman's new EP "The Unmaking."
Have you ever had a day gone wrong in your marriage? I have! Here are two practical ways you can rescue, and maybe even prevent, a day gone wrong.
Have you ever thought about applying for a reality television show? I have. "The Amazing Race" to be exact.
Are you struggling to love your imperfect spouse well? If so, here’s one secret to overlooking flaws and building your spouse up in the process.
Do you simply live somewhere or do you "carpe urbem"?
Thoughts on navigating the seven-year itch.
I anticipated I'd have to change in marriage. But even so, there was one thing I was certain wouldn't change.
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Ashleigh Slater