Yep, this classic tale of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Becky Thatcher is alive and well at our house. Well, at least in the “literary” sense.
This is my husband Ted. I offer you this picture of him with a bit of marriage advice on the side.
Even in marriage, there’s a fine line between confiding and venting – and it’s a distinction that’s important to make. Our words have power and we need to use them wisely.
Do you simply live somewhere or do you "carpe urbem"?
The death of old habits is like Inigo Motoya’s infamous hunt for the six-fingered man.
Play doesn’t always come easy for me. In fact, sometimes it’s downright hard.
Four ways we walked our young kids through a miscarriage.
I chatted with Phoenix-based singer and songwriter JJ Heller on her new album, Loved.
How to hold on to your unique interests and still grow together.
No one is immune to developing a crush. If you are struggling with a married crush, here are 3 steps to starving it quickly.
I had the opportunity to chat with Plumb on her new album, Need You Now.
Would you identify your fights within marriage as “Me vs. You” or “Team Us”?
On some days, I need the “Repent” game more than my kids do.
When things go "bump" in the night, I wonder if my daughter's practicing echolocation skills.
When my daughter Savannah turned two, we entered the dreaded season of pacifier weaning.
The people we spend time with will rub off on us ... as well as the way they view marriage.
It's inevitable that each of us will fail at times, but will we choose be a Sue Heck and fail with gusto? Here's how we can do that.
Is it harmless for husbands and wives to have secret married crushes? While some experts say yes, I have a different opinion.

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