Here are 5 lessons Downton Abbey has taught us over the years on marriage.
Here are five things to tell your husband this Father's Day.
Why I'm now willing and able to massage my marriage. Literally.
I found myself reflecting, for perhaps the five-hundredth time, on the lyrics to this unusual choir's song, "Fixer Upper." And I came to the same conclusion that I have in the past.
Here are some practical actions you can take to learn how to daily love your spouse in the little things.
Here are four great books on marriage to add to your reading list.
If you and your spouse struggle to face the holidays together, here are five ways to navigate the season hand-in-hand.
Thoughts on navigating the seven-year itch.
Read about three techniques that Ted and I use to help us score high on the Strength-O-Meter of marriage.
What do marriage, holidays, and being brave have in common? Well, this week I happen to have written about all three.
Why my role as a wife takes priority over my role as a mother.
I learned that if it hadn't been for the encouragement of Margaret Mitchell's husband, the book "Gone with the Wind" may never have seen the light of day.
If you want to feel more connected on a daily basis in your marriage, make shared activities a priority. Here are some tips on how to do that.
HGTV'S show "Fixer Upper" offers each of us a weekly reminder of three simple qualities all of our marriages need.
How do you determine what you watch? Whether it's a television show, a film, or a live stage production? I have three principles that help guide my choices.
Have you ever had a day gone wrong in your marriage? I have! Here are two practical ways you can rescue, and maybe even prevent, a day gone wrong.
If you were to ask your kids what you do well as a couple, what would they say? Better yet, what do you hope they'd say?
Why is church good for my marriage and yours? Here are five reasons you and your spouse should regularly attend together.

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