Here are some practical actions you can take to learn how to daily love your spouse in the little things.
No one is immune to developing a crush. If you are struggling with a married crush, here are 3 steps to starving it quickly.
What do marriage, holidays, and being brave have in common? Well, this week I happen to have written about all three.
Not only are weeknight dates best for our calendar, I've come to prefer them. Here are four reasons why.
Every year in December, there are moments when I feel like my husband Ted is a regular Grinch compared to my Buddy the Elf.
If change is inevitable, how can we better embrace it in our husbands and ultimately in our marriages?
Here are four great books on marriage to add to your reading list.
If you and your husband are currently grieving differently and you’re frustrated or discouraged by it, find out three things that helped us.
How do you determine what you watch? Whether it's a television show, a film, or a live stage production? I have three principles that help guide my choices.
What Paris, sushi, and change have to do with marriage.
What if in marriage we stopped running from conflict and instead started viewing it as an adventure?
Here are three things to help you and your spouse better parent as a team.
It can be easy to turn our relationship with our spouse into a marriage competition. Here’s why we shouldn’t and how we can resist the desire to.
When it comes to keeping your marriage strong, winning is more about your follow through than your strength going in.
Which of these TV couples are you and your spouse most like?
A communication sandwich allows you to share what you'd like to see changed in a way that doesn't put your spouse on the defensive. Here's how you can use it.
If you want to feel more connected on a daily basis in your marriage, make shared activities a priority. Here are some tips on how to do that.
Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Or is it something else?

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