Do you and your spouse have any common enemies? Ted and I do. You see, we've observed that common enemies have a way of uniting people, including husbands and wives. Today I'm over at Managing Your Blessings talking about "The Uniting Power...
Your wedding is the ideal opportunity to not only commit to your new spouse, but to making the changes necessary to help your relationship succeed. And this may require including the Grim Reaper on the guest list.
Here are 5 things singles can do now to prepare for marriage.
If change is inevitable, how can we better embrace it in our husbands and ultimately in our marriages?
In our dozen years of matrimony, we've been intentional to fill our relational toolbox with marriage-building, "team us"-strengthening tools.
What if in marriage we stopped running from conflict and instead started viewing it as an adventure?
Indulging in the shared activity of "saying goodnight together" has been a simple, yet highly effective way to unite us at the end of the day.
Is there a piece of relationship advice that really gets under your skin? Here's my #1 pick.
HGTV'S show "Fixer Upper" offers each of us a weekly reminder of three simple qualities all of our marriages need.
Are your close friends male or female? If you’re a husband, my hope is that you said, “male.” And if you’re a wife like me, I hope you answered “female.”
Read my husband Ted's thoughts on opposite-sex friendships in marriage.
I found myself reflecting, for perhaps the five-hundredth time, on the lyrics to this unusual choir's song, "Fixer Upper." And I came to the same conclusion that I have in the past.
Thoughts on navigating the seven-year itch.
If you and your spouse are currently facing stressful decisions, here are three team-building strategies you can practice.
Which of these TV couples are you and your spouse most like?
This week I’m over at Start Marriage Right sharing my favorite “both/and” in our marriage.
If you and your husband are currently grieving differently and you’re frustrated or discouraged by it, find out three things that helped us.
Here are 5 ways helping others can improve your marriage.

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