If you and your husband are currently grieving differently and you’re frustrated or discouraged by it, find out three things that helped us.
What Paris, sushi, and change have to do with marriage.
When it comes to teamwork in your relationship, which TV couple are you and your significant other most like? Take this fun quiz to find out.
There's an important shift newly married couples need to make and it involves their concept of "family."
Will you choose to change together? Getting on the same page ... literally ... helps you do that.
Here are five great ways couples can better embrace marriage as a team.
What do marriage, holidays, and being brave have in common? Well, this week I happen to have written about all three.
Are you struggling with teamwork in marriage? If so, here are three essential ingredients to improve your unity and togetherness.
Have you ever had a day gone wrong in your marriage? I have! Here are two practical ways you can rescue, and maybe even prevent, a day gone wrong.
Here are four great books on marriage to add to your reading list.
HGTV'S show "Fixer Upper" offers each of us a weekly reminder of three simple qualities all of our marriages need.
When it comes to keeping your marriage strong, winning is more about your follow through than your strength going in.
I anticipated I'd have to change in marriage. But even so, there was one thing I was certain wouldn't change.
Maybe like Alexander, you’ve had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day recently. Maybe it’s left you grumpy with your spouse too. If so, why not choose to be brave today?
Read my husband Ted's thoughts on opposite-sex friendships in marriage.
Enjoy this new printable, "How to Serve Your Spouse a Communication Sandwich."
Why my role as a wife takes priority over my role as a mother.
Which of these TV couples are you and your spouse most like?

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