Will you choose to change together? Getting on the same page ... literally ... helps you do that.
Why I'm now willing and able to massage my marriage. Literally.
How can you and I be supportive of our spouse’s career without sacrificing our marriages? Here are three things I’m learning to practice.
Are you struggling with teamwork in marriage? If so, here are three essential ingredients to improve your unity and togetherness.
Being aware as a new couple of the four stages of marital culture shock is a great way to help ease the transition.
Maybe like Alexander, you’ve had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day recently. Maybe it’s left you grumpy with your spouse too. If so, why not choose to be brave today?
Why is church good for my marriage and yours? Here are five reasons you and your spouse should regularly attend together.
It can be easy to turn our relationship with our spouse into a marriage competition. Here’s why we shouldn’t and how we can resist the desire to.
Here are 5 lessons Downton Abbey has taught us over the years on marriage.
Researchers say men and women have distinctly different preferences on how they connect with others. Date night movies meet both his and her needs.
What's one way you can overlook your spouse's flaws? It all has to do with focus.
How can you make sure that you pick friends who help marriage? Here are three suggestions of qualities to look for in your close friendships.
What is Hugh Jackman's top advice for husbands and wives? And how should it affect us as Christians?
Enjoy this new printable, "How to Serve Your Spouse a Communication Sandwich."
I learned an important lesson that day. Sometimes loving Ted is as easy as folding his T-shirts a particular way.
Here are five great ways couples can better embrace marriage as a team.
Not only are weeknight dates best for our calendar, I've come to prefer them. Here are four reasons why.
Instead of having a knee-jerk reaction to something your spouse does, take a moment to weigh their motives and assume the best.

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