Have travel planned this spring? Consider packing these 5 marriage survival tips.
HGTV'S show "Fixer Upper" offers each of us a weekly reminder of three simple qualities all of our marriages need.
What do Darth Vader and Saul-turned-Paul have to do with your marriage and your spouse?
If change is inevitable, how can we better embrace it in our husbands and ultimately in our marriages?
What Paris, sushi, and change have to do with marriage.
Is there a piece of relationship advice that really gets under your skin? Here's my #1 pick.
Here are 5 lessons Downton Abbey has taught us over the years on marriage.
How about the next time you suspect your spouse may be sensing God’s direction, you decide to take a leap of faith and say, “Okay!”
There's an important shift newly married couples need to make and it involves their concept of "family."
Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Or is it something else?
What are some specific areas you can work hard to have a transparent and open marriage? Here are four.
How can you and I be supportive of our spouse’s career without sacrificing our marriages? Here are three things I’m learning to practice.
Maybe like Alexander, you’ve had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day recently. Maybe it’s left you grumpy with your spouse too. If so, why not choose to be brave today?
Read about three techniques that Ted and I use to help us score high on the Strength-O-Meter of marriage.
What if in marriage we stopped running from conflict and instead started viewing it as an adventure?
Here are four great books on marriage to add to your reading list.
If you were to ask your kids what you do well as a couple, what would they say? Better yet, what do you hope they'd say?
This week I’m over at Start Marriage Right sharing my favorite “both/and” in our marriage.
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