Whether it’s helping neighbors move, serving in your church, or babysitting for friends, here are five ways helping others strengthens marriage.
Have you belled the cat in your marriage?
I anticipated I'd have to change in marriage. But even so, there was one thing I was certain wouldn't change.
There's an important shift newly married couples need to make and it involves their concept of "family."
Each year in December, there are moments when I feel like Ted is a regular Grinch compared to my Buddy the Elf. But this year a Fraser Fir changed that.
Read my husband Ted's thoughts on opposite-sex friendships in marriage.
Here are five things to tell your husband this Father's Day.
Here are three things to help you and your spouse better parent as a team.
Have you ever had a day gone wrong in your marriage? I have! Here are two practical ways you can rescue, and maybe even prevent, a day gone wrong.
Why is church good for my marriage and yours? Here are five reasons you and your spouse should regularly attend together.
Good marriages can and do exist. Fixer Upper offers each of us a weekly reminder of three simple qualities all of our marriages need.
What are some specific areas you can work hard to have a transparent and open marriage? Here are four.
Here are some practical actions you can take to learn how to daily love your spouse in the little things.
What do Darth Vader and Saul-turned-Paul have to do with your marriage and your spouse?
If you and your spouse struggle to face the holidays together, here are five ways to navigate the season hand-in-hand.
Not only are weeknight dates best for our calendar, I've come to prefer them. Here are four reasons why.
Why my role as a wife takes priority over my role as a mother.
How can you and I be supportive of our spouse’s career without sacrificing our marriages? Here are three things I’m learning to practice.
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