How can you keep a relationship strong over distance? Here's what we discovered in our own "absence = what?" experiment.
Have you ever thought about applying for a reality television show? I have. "The Amazing Race" to be exact.
Don't have space for a home office? Here's how we turned a corner of our master bedroom closet into one.
How can you help your kids be more adventurous eaters? Here's one way.
The ordinary days of marriage sometimes leave us believing that our husbands can't be romantic in the way Jane Austen penned them.
When it comes to teamwork in your relationship, which TV couple are you and your significant other most like? Take this fun quiz to find out.
Sometimes marriage can feel too messy for cleanup. But here’s why we shouldn’t give up.
The baby quilt I finished that week stands as the second most significant one I’ve made in my eight years of sewing.
What Paris, sushi, and change have to do with marriage.
How can you and I be supportive of our spouse’s career without sacrificing our marriages? Here are three things I’m learning to practice.
Will you choose to change together? Getting on the same page ... literally ... helps you do that.
How can you make sure that you pick friends who help marriage? Here are three suggestions of qualities to look for in your close friendships.
Even if you feel unqualified, you can still be there for your friends. Here are three things I’m learning normal, non-counselors like you and me can do.
Perhaps it's wiser to give a 2-year-old a doll with less hair.
Maybe your parenting story includes miscarriage. If so, you are not alone.
It can be easy to turn our relationship with our spouse into a marriage competition. Here’s why we shouldn’t and how we can resist the desire to.
Every couple has areas where they aren't identical in their likes and dislikes. Here are three ways to embrace those differences in marriage.
If you could go back in time, what helpful advice would you give your newlywed self?

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