Maybe you have a friend who’s recently lost a preborn baby. If so, what are some other types of statements to avoid? Here are a few things not to say to someone grieving a miscarriage. ------------- At least... I’d never realized how...
What are some specific areas you can work hard to have a transparent and open marriage? Here are four.
Yep, this classic tale of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Becky Thatcher is alive and well at our house. Well, at least in the “literary” sense.
Here are three things every couple needs to know about oneness in marriage.
I often let comparison blind me to the beauty of my own individual story. Do you?
Every year in December, there are moments when I feel like my husband Ted is a regular Grinch compared to my Buddy the Elf.
My favorites this month in music, movies, and fun stuff for my kids.
Here are three ways you can help your kids get the most out of media.
How can you and I be supportive of our spouse’s career without sacrificing our marriages? Here are three things I’m learning to practice.
It was obvious I needed a plan. I decided to come up with my own three-step “program” for when panic attacks.
October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. If you've suffered pregnancy loss, I pray that my story will comfort you in yours.
The baby quilt I finished that week stands as the second most significant one I’ve made in my eight years of sewing.
Do you or your spouse always need to be right in your marriage? If so, being right in marriage is the wrong goal to have. Here’s why.
The death of old habits is like Inigo Motoya’s infamous hunt for the six-fingered man.
Today, Ted and I are over at For the Family as part of their “Take 5 for the Family” video series.
It's Cinderella's kindness that makes Disney's new, live-action telling of this timeless classic a movie I want my four daughters to see.
If change is inevitable, how can we better embrace it in our husbands and ultimately in our marriages?
Are you and your spouse wanting to kick off the new year right? Here are three great ways couples can team up for the new year.
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Ashleigh Slater