deathbylivingWhat will your cause of death be? Or how about mine?

It’s not a thought most of us like to chew on. It’s much more comfortable to skirt the issue of death all together until we’re forced to face it. It’s not pleasant. It’s not pretty. It’s certainly not welcomed dinner conversation. At least not at most of the tables I frequent.

Yet in his latest non-fiction book, Death by Living: Life Is Meant to Be Spent author N.D. Wilson makes us think about it. To ponder the fact that our individual stories carry us toward it. He pushes us to reflect on death without fear. Rather, to let this inevitable destiny motivate us. Why? Because, as he writes, “The finish line gives us focus.”

Focus for what?

For how to live. And we’re not talking simply get by. But how to live well. How to live fully. How to “be as empty as you can when that clock winds down” because you’ve spent your life well, on others.

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