I am a highly-motivated and qualified writer, editor, and content coordinator who is detail-oriented, able to manage multiple projects simultaneously, and proficient in understanding client brand and how to tailor content to each unique voice and perspective.

With a master’s degree in Communication from Regent University, I have over twenty years of writing experience which includes authoring two non-fiction, story-driven, practical books and hundreds of articles. Over the last several years, I’ve also written as the “voice” of other popular writers and public figures. It is a passion of mine to help others communicate their message effectively.

As an editor, I’ve worked with best-selling authors and speakers on social media content, blog posts, articles, podcast show notes, and books. Over the years, I have also encouraged beginning writers as I’ve provided them with opportunities, guidance, and coaching.

For the last decade, I have worked as a content coordinator on several WordPress sites. This role has also included creating and curating social media content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as overseeing weekly email sends.

If you need help telling your story ….

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