I’m going to ask you a question. Quick, name one infamous historical duo. Okay, time’s up. Who did you say?

Bonnie and Clyde?

Frank and Jesse James?

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

Me, I’d name Adam and Eve. The father and mother of all notorious pairs to follow.

While these two are often remembered as the world’s most scandalous fruit eaters, remarkably skilled at casting blame and innovative in the area of fig-leaf clothing design, when it comes to our marriages, we can learn a lot from this original duo.

Pre-Fall, that is.

During those early sin-absent days, Adam and Eve model for us God’s perfect design for our husband and wife relationships. This God-created, God-ordained team point us to qualities toward which we should strive in our post-Fall marriages.

Because, here’s the thing: the introduction of sin didn’t null and void what God’s perfect design was for husbands and wives. In those beginning days, marriage was His joining of a man and a woman together for the purpose of bringing Himself glory. The advent of conflict didn’t change that. It just made things more complicated. More difficult.

So what do we see worth modeling in this now infamous duo?

1. Unity

Sure, it’s well known that Adam and Eve shared both a rib and that off-limits piece of fruit. But think about what else they had in common. For example, life goals. This included having kids and caring for the Garden and God’s creatures. Oh, and that little thing called survival. After all, there was no local Target in Mesopotamia at the time.

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Ashleigh Slater is the author of the books, Team Us: The Unifying Power of Grace, Commitment, and Cooperation in Marriage and Braving Sorrow Together: The Transformative Power of Faith and Community When Life is Hard. She loves to combine the power of a good story with practical application to encourage and inspire readers.