Why Date Night Matters and How to Make It Happen [Episode...

CLICK HERE to listen to Episode 12 of the Team Us Podcast. We've gone on many fun dates in our twenty years of marriage! Listen...
Four Reasons to Love Weeknight Dates

Four Reasons to Love Weeknight Dates

Not only are weeknight dates best for our calendar, I've come to prefer them. Here are four reasons why.
The Secret to a Strong Marriage

The Secret to a Strong Marriage

When it comes to keeping your marriage strong, winning is more about your follow through than your strength going in.

How to Reconnect When Life Pulls You Apart [Episode 11]

The busyness of life often leaves us as couples feeling disconnected or like we're growing apart. But it doesn't have to be this way! Learn four ways you can reconnect when life pulls you apart.
How a Shared Activity Helps Your Marriage

How a Shared Activity Helps Your Marriage

If you want to feel more connected on a daily basis in your marriage, make shared activities a priority. Here are some tips on how to do that.

What Not to Say to Someone Grieving a Miscarriage

Maybe you have a friend who’s recently lost a preborn baby. If so, what are some other types of statements to avoid? Here are...
brave marriage

Brave Your Marriage … Even If You Don’t Feel Like It

When your feelings direct you away from your spouse, determine to brave marriage ... even if you don't feel like it.
How to Pick Friends Who Help Marriage

How to Pick Friends Who Help Marriage

How can you make sure that you pick friends who help marriage? Here are three suggestions of qualities to look for in your close friendships.

Why Right Now Matters to the Long-term of Your Marriage [Episode...

Listen in as we share why the choices you make today affect your relationship tomorrow, next year, and even a decade from now.

3 Age-Defying Activities the Entire Family Can Enjoy

We’ve gotten creative in discovering pastimes the entire family can enjoy together. Here are three of our favorite “age-defying” activities.

What a Friendship Inventory Is and Why Your Marriage Needs One...

Today, we’re talking about how the friends we keep make a difference in our marriages. It’s not only important that as couples we have community, but also that we’re purposeful in whom we bring into our confidence.

How You and Your Spouse Can Better Parent as a Team...

While we’re definitely not parenting experts, we’ve learned a few things along the way about how to parent together. Listen in as we share three things you can do to better parent as a team.
4 Practical Steps to Battling Anxiety

4 Practical Steps for Battling Anxiety

Like me, do you battle anxiety? If so, here are four practical steps you can take when your feel panicked or overwhelmed.
5 Ways Helping Others Strengthens Your Marriage

5 Ways Helping Others Strengthens Your Marriage

Whether it’s helping neighbors move, serving in your church, or babysitting for friends, here are five ways helping others strengthens marriage.

What You Can Do to Brave Sorrow Together in Your Marriage...

We’re talking about how to walk together through the really hard situations, seasons, and losses that we experience as couples. We’re looking at what we can do to remain a strong team during them.

Why You Need a Lighthearted Marriage and How to Get It...

If you want a lighthearted marriage, listen in as we share three guiding principles that we’ve found helpful.

How to Brave the Loss of Your Dream

What are some ways you and I can grieve the loss of our dreams, especially when the pain and disappointment hurt so profoundly? Here are three suggestions.

How to Make a Kid-Sized Communication Sandwich

Our kids need greater amounts of praise than correction from us. A communication sandwich helps us accomplish this.

How to Embrace Conflict in Your Marriage as an Adventure, Not...

Join us as we talk about conflict as an adventure, how to face your disagreements with a team-first perspective, and why your timing in resolving issues matters.

How Your Individual Differences Can Help You Grow Together [Episode 4]

Listen in as we share three things we do so that our differences help us grow together and not apart.