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Work Beautifully

9384-clay-pottery-hands_ediMy three-year-old has a new obsession.

Thankfully, it’s not her three older sisters’ Crayola markers. My couches are safe from rainbow-stained fingers. At least, for now.

Rather, it’s a preoccupation of the literary kind. In the last 48 hours, she’s requested I read the book, Miss Rumphius, to her three or four times. To which I agreed. If this enjoyment of hers continues, I may soon be able to recite the words of author Barbara Cooney verbatim.

If you’re unfamiliar with this American Book Award winner, it’s the tale of Alice, a little girl who determines to accomplish three goals in her lifetime. Her bucket list includes:

#1: Travel to faraway places.

#2: Live by the sea.

#3: Do something to make the world more beautiful.

At the end of her life, Alice, known in her adult years as Miss Rumphius, checks off all three as completed.

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