Why Every Marriage Can Use Some Both/And

Why Every Marriage Can Use Some Both/And

Why Every Marriage Can Use Some Both/And

It didn’t take me too long to realize that my husband Ted wasn’t an either/or sort of guy.

What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s start with hot sauce. If the question arose on whether to buy Texas Pete’s or Frank’s Red Hot, Ted quickly answered, “Both/and.” After all, one can’t have too much hot sauce, right?


Yep, this man I’d married was a both/and kind of fellow. At least in the innocuous matters of everyday life like grocery shopping. Both Texas Pete’s and Frank’s Red Hot. Both yellow corn tortilla chips and blue corn tortilla chips. Both restaurant-style salsa and pico de gallo.

This both/and mentality of his not only affected our Mexican food buying practices, but also matters of feet and queen-sized sheets. You see, we quickly discovered that each of us had a very different idea of the relationship between feet and sheets.

The thing was, Ted’s feet ran hot. Almost fourteen years later, they still do. As a result, he prefers to uncover his feet at night. Before climbing in bed, he walks to the end of the mattress and neatly folds the bottom of the covers up.

My feet run cold. Not only do I prefer to keep them covered at night, but I like to snuggly pull the sheets and blankets up under my feet. Kind of cocoon-ish like.

You’d think that this difference of ours – folding the covers back, tucking them under – would cause fights. And lots of them at that. But it hasn’t. Not once in almost fourteen years.

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