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When Mommy Needs a Time Out

When Mommy Needs a Time Out
Slam! went the door.

Click, sounded the small lock.

Woosh … came the covers over my head.

Yep, I’d locked myself in my bedroom.

It was Day #2 of my husband Ted’s out-of-town company retreat. Day #2 of just me and four little girls. Four very talkative little girls. Did I mention that they were four little girls who all took turns singing “Tomorrow” from Annie over and over again? And when I say “over and over again,” I mean hours straight. Well, except when my small divas took a brief respite from it in order to belt out an Annie-esque rendition of an overly theatrical, “Dumb Dog.”

With all the noise and pressure of having no tag team member to “tag” after a long day, I snapped.

Here I was, the 34-year-old mother of four, hiding under the blankets on my bed. I just needed a few minutes of silence. Time to collect my thoughts minus the words, “The sun will come up tomorrow!”

You could say I was giving myself a “time out.”

And while I’d love to suggest this was an isolated incident, it wasn’t. This was one of three “personal retreats” that happened while Ted was gone.

At first I felt guilty that I was the kind of mom who had to lock myself in my room. Especially because we did have a designated “quiet time” each day. Hadn’t I gotten enough solitude during that afternoon hour or two? Considering that it ended up consumed by, “She won’t play Legos with me!” and “She called me, ‘Poopy!'” I’d guess no.

Later though, I realized perhaps I should have scheduled these 5-minute hiatuses into our daily routine earlier. You see, I didn’t set myself aside soon enough.

I’m ashamed to say, I’d already yelled at my children. I’d seen their faces – no words necessary – say, “Uh-huh, Mommy’s upset.” I could feel their eyes watch with worry as I hastily ran for the refuge of my room. In my head, this girl was screaming, “Tomorrow never dies! Tomorrow never dies!”

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